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Giving that the first and the second Slovenian 12 hour run have filled us with good energy from all the runners, companions, supporters and others participants, we have decided to organize one in 2019 as well.
The organization of both supermarathons was a big challenge for us, but at the same time the perfect opportunity to collaborate with people who think alike and all who are used to challenge their abilities and endurance. And there is a lot of them in Slovenia and outside Slovenia as well.
Both races were definitely something special considering some top runners on start – from long-distance runners in top shape to best ultramarathon runners from Croatia, Italy, Bosnia, Finland, USA, The Netherlands, Austria and Slovenia. Some of them have already competed in one of the toughest ultramarathons of the world, the legendary Spartathlon.
Obljubimo, da bo 3. edicija še boljša! Da bi tek na dolge razdalje bolj pribljižali širši publiki in ga naredili še atraktivnejšega, smo ga letos prestavili v sam center mesta Kranj.
We should especially mention Italian Ivan Cudini, the three-time winner of »Sparta« and Marco Bonfiglia who in 2015 set the italian record and the second world record with 153 kilometers.
The competition in women category wasn't a lot smaller. If we mention Neža Mravlje, Nataša Robnik and American runner Brenda Carawan we know there were some top marathon runners amongst us.
We promise the third edition will be even better. To bring long-distance runs closer to the general public and make it even more attractive, we moved the run into the center of city of Kranj.
We are certain a big crowd of slovenian and foreign runners will appear on this 1,3 kilometer long lap. Both runners who are used of winning and those to whom competition is of secondary imporatnce. They are testing their endurance.
We are also going to oblige those who think a 12 hour run is to big of a challenge and prepare parallel 6 hour run.

Run route

Circle length: 1.300 m

Run route

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Kako se prijavite na tek?

Na 6- ali 12-urni tek po središču mesta Kranja se lahko prijavite s pomočjo obrazca, ki je na podstrani Prijave.
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